How To Practice Self-Care


Practicing self-care is about finding those little moments of happiness and joy in a noisy world. You need those moments to restore your energy physically and emotionally to avoid burnout. It requires scheduling time with yourself so that you can be more efficient at work, school and more present with your family and friends.

Try this for a week, and note how it changes your days:


Make a list of 5-10 things that make your day, simple things that contribute to your happiness and joy. It can be something like taking a zumba class or as simple as having a cup of tea while reading the paper, doing yoga, gardening or painting.

  1. __________________________________
  2. __________________________________
  3. __________________________________
  4. __________________________________
  5. __________________________________
  6. __________________________________
  7. __________________________________
  8. __________________________________
  9. __________________________________
  10. __________________________________


Look at your current morning and bedtime routines. If you haven’t modified them in the last 12 months, maybe it’s time to revisit this option. See if you can add one of the above activities in your early morning routine or before going to bed. For example, if you wake up earlier, it gives you a chance to start your day with yoga (even a 10-minute practice will change your day) or another exercise class. This is also an opportunity to take the time to sit down with a cup of tea and read the paper. In the evening, look at what you can take off your to-do-list and add one of the activities from step one to your evening or bedtime ritual.


Make sure you make time for yourself each day or at least each week. This time allows you to restore your energy, reduce stress and make you happy.  I understand that you may already feel overwhelmed with your current schedule, but things can only change once you are ready to take the steps to do something differently.

Write a reminder on a post-it or an alarm in your phone to schedule your “Me time” otherwise you will forget about it.

Now go to the Daily Cup Of Mindfulness   Facebook group (answer a few questions and ask to join since it is private) and share your new goals and experiences: how are you going to create happy times for yourself on a daily or weekly basis.




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