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I help stressed out individuals reduce anxiety, stress & joint pain through yoga, posture reset, and relaxation.



just be…



just be…

I use a unique holistic approach to all my programs because I believe that body, mind, soul and diet are all connected.

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Improving Mobility, Flexibility & Peacefulness To Maximize Longevity Through Yoga

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With over two decades of extensive experience in the fitness fields, I started my international career as a personal trainer, certified strength coach and registered yoga instructor. I helped athletes improve their performance, mental focus and recovery.

Over time I started helping injured sedentary stay at home moms and CEOs reduce stress, regain mobility and return to an active lifestyle. I have a master in kinesiology, and am the author of two academic textbooks. As an expert in holistic wellness, I teach nutrition, health and yoga as a full-time faculty at the college level.

I came to yoga after an excruciating chronic back pain led me to back surgery. The only form of exercise I was able to do after that was yoga. Little did I know that it would transform not only the way I feel, but also the way I think, and most importantly, the way I live. This experience set the foundation for my YouTube channel, and later my online programs.

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Do you often have nagging knots in your shoulders and neck?

No matter how hard you try, you find it challenging to maintain a good posture?

If you have ongoing unexplained neck, shoulders, or backaches and pains, these symptoms could be caused by chronic stress, anxiety, trauma, or even the food you eat!

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Students come to me to reduce their back pain, improve their posture, flexibility, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. I make my teaching approachable for anyone no matter your yoga or fitness level.

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