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Developing habits and behaviors that promote sleep take time and consistency. Set up regular bed time, regular routine, regular sleep and wake time, keep day time naps short, eat the right amount,

Room environment

Let your child have a say in creating a cozy welcoming bedtime environment. Select pillows, blankets, toys and maybe even music. Keep the room dark with a light that will go out with a timer for example. If your child needs the light on, simply dimming it will make a difference. Darkness promotes melatonin and your child’s natural biological clock/Make child feel safe/ Keep a night light on and the door cracked open.

ROOM TEMPERATURE: the body and brain need to cool off in order to fall asleep. Lower the temperature to about 65 degrees or if possible (and safe) crack open a window. SOUNDS: sounds affect the quality of sleep. If there is street noise, invest in a blocking curtain. Keep noise in the house low.

Bedtime routine:

Creating a routine helps your child’s brain know it is time for bed. bath/shower/ stretching/ gratitude: take turns giving each other compliments and kindness to boost your child self-esteem and feeling loved/breath work/avoid TV or electronics one hour before bedtime/set classical or jazz music or spa music/dim the light one hour before bedtime. MASSAGE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS


Children need at least one hour of exercise per day. This will help them release stress and energy. Make sure your child has more than 90 minutes to unwind before going to bed after vigorous activity.

Diet :

Eat the right amount, right kind of food and at the right time. Avoid food that will cause gas such as beans, rich fried food or sugary food. Avoid caffeine, chocolate or soda in the evening

Diet sample for a week with healthy snacks/FUN CHILD SNACK/Cooking for kids (fruits while watching tv/smoothies with veggies/don’t force but encourage to eat whatever they put on their plates and only gets seconds if belly is hungry. Raw veggies with healthy dips/don’t buy what you don’t want your child to eat/ no sweets in the morning rule/daily fruit for desert

Aromatherapy (safe kids by Plant Therapy)

Guided meditations – benefits: encourages alpha state brain frequencies (relaxed and calm while awake, such as day dreaming, ). Meditation calms the nervous system and reduces stress/meditation for bad day/for sadness/for happy day/

Breath work: the wave/steaming the mirror/bubble blowing/



CHILD KEEPS CALLING YOU: wait progressively longer before checking on them. Make it brief to reassure them but no cuddling.

CHILD STAYS UP TOO LATE: reduce nap time during the day and/or increase activity level. Consider shortening the sleep time by either pushing bedtime further or waking up earlier.