Hey! I’m Noko.

My Approach Is Unique…

I’m Noko, a kinesiology, health, strength, and conditioning specialist and registered yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience in the fitness field. I’ve worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga coach for team sports, private clients, and college students.

I am also the author of two academic wellness textbooks, “Lifelong Wellness: An Applied Approach,” and “Nutrition And Physical Fitness: An Applied Approach” that I use in the college courses I teach.

After years of debilitating back pain, I created my first online course, Holistic Spinal Reset a breakthrough healing system for stress-related back pain. My unique approach to spine health uses a holistic system that includes nutrition and mindful breathing in addition to yoga.

My personal and professional experiences as a certified strength coach, registered yoga instructor, and college faculty allow me to empathize with you, understand your frustrations, and provide gentle and safe instruction in all my teaching.

I currently teach nutrition, health, yoga, and motor learning at the college level. My yoga channel promotes physical and emotional transformation through safe practices.

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