Here’s What’s Included In The Course:

  • An HSR Exclusive Course Welcome Packet + Calendar!
  • 3 Healthiest Spices You can put in your food eBook
  • 11 Most Common Mistakes when performing yoga exercises
  • Phase 1: The Mental Detox – Breath Work and Mindfulness
  • Phase 2: Spinal Reset and Posture
  • Phase 3: Stabilize — Strength, Flexibility and Mobility Training
  • Advance lesson on Nauli Kryia Breathing For Back Relief
  • Bonus 1: Top 8 Inflammatory Foods That May Be Causing Your Back Pain
  • Bonus 2: Rest, Relax, Restore Restorative Yoga eBook with 40 simples postures
  • Bonus 3: Three Yoga Flows for complete beginners
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What People are Saying

“It made my lower back and hips feel great. Thank you, it will change people’s lives.” 
Chris Omara
“This was extremely helpful for me since I’m always sitting down at work for 5-8 hrs max and it can take a toll on my back since I tend to slouch.”
Aaron Loza
“You have no idea how much I needed this!! It’s like you knew exactly what your students are struggling with.”
Jenny V.